Friday, January 21, 2011

Veggie Noodle Soup

This is a heart-warming, tongue-tickling soup, great for cold winter nights or any time you want to revive your spirits. Here's how I made it:

Heat some olive oil, saute onions and finely chopped carrots till softened, about 5 mins. Add some minced garlic and saute 2-3 mins.  Add desired quantity of vegetable broth. Add noodles of choice (I used rice noodles in the above picture). Add frozen peas, salt and pepper. Cook till noodles are done. At this point, if desired, you can add some tomato juice or leftover soup on hand. In the picture I have used some Trader Joe's Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper soup that I wanted to finish off. Add some chopped tomatoes. Check and adjust seasonings. In addition to the salt & pepper, I added some masala I had leftover from a Maggi noodles packet (I usually have this left over since I use only half of it when making Maggi noodles for my daughter). Any other seasonings like Mrs. Dash would also work well here.

Serve hot, garnished with chopped parsley.

This Veggie Noodle Soup goes to the Show Me Your Soup at Divya's Dil Se.

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