Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rocket Dosa

I first saw Rocket Dosa on the kids menu at our local Indian Restaurant Spice Route. My daughter always orders this when we dine there. She's just recovering from the flu, so I thought to make this at home in an attempt to get her to eat something. This is usually made from regular dosa batter, but I did not have this ready on hand. So I made an instant dosa batter this way:

Heat 1 tbsp oil, saute some cumin seeds and 1 dry red chilli in it for 2 mins. Discard the chilli and add this to 1 cup rice flour mixed with 2 cups water. Add 1 tbsp fresh grated coconut, handful of chopped cilantro and salt to taste. Stir till you get a smooth pourable batter.

I made the dosas in my non-stick pan. Spread 2 ladleful of the batter on medium hot tava in a circle. Drizzle some ghee around the edges. Cook till underside gets golden brown, then flip over and cook another 2 mins.

To make the conical rocket shape, cut dosa from outer edge to the center with a pair of kitchen scissors. Then roll into a cone.

Thats it. I served it to her with some mild coconut chutney and bell peppers chutney. Rocket dosa zoomed off the plate and down her tummy in a jiffy!

This Rocket Dosa goes to the Kids Delight event at Versatile Vegetarian Kitchen. This event is the brain child of Srivalli.
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