Monday, November 17, 2014

Dhakai Paratha (Layered Paratha)

Dhakai Paratha

Few weeks back my 11 yr old saw these layered parathas in a restaurant and was tempted to have them. But she had already ordered another dish. So she was keen on trying them at home. Over this weekend, she googled for the recipe and with little help from me, made them and clicked pictures. I am so proud of her!

Here's how we made them:

We used regular roti dough made with wheat flour. Roll out a piece of dough ball into a thin circle about 10 inches in diameter. Smear with a teaspoon oil. Dust a little flour. Pleat the roti as in picture below, pressing gently as you fold.

Then roll the pleated roti.

Press gently between palms to flatten. To keep the folds separate, pull the flattened roti out ever so gently. Now roll into a 6 inch slightly thickish roti. Us a gentle hand while rolling.

Roast on tava using few drops of oil until brown spots appear on those sides. 

Serve warm topped with a dollop of ghee/butter of desired. This layered paratha goes well with onion-tomato based curries like mutter paneer. We had it with palak paneer and raita.

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