Monday, September 8, 2008

Palak Paratha with Potato stuffing

I had made this for the WBB - Combi Breakfasts event hosted by Latha of Masala Magic.

These are palak parathas stuffed with shredded potatoes, slathered with hummus & served with fresh squeezed orange juice and ofcourse, chai. From all I've read & heard, I believe this combination provides the body with a good dose of complete proteins, complex carbs, iron, calcium, vitamins A, C & E, folic acid & antioxidants. I also love that with a little planning, this can be put together fairly quickly. Here's how I made them:

For the paratha dough:

2 cups whole wheat flour
1 cup palak puree
1 tsp salt
2 tsp coriander-cumin pwd.
1/2 tsp red chilli pwd.

Knead together to form a soft, pliable dough. This can be made the previous night and refrigerated. It should be taken out atleast 1/2 hr before use.

For the stuffing:

2 cups frozen shredded hash brown potatoes
1 tsp oil
1 tsp cumin seeds
1/2 tsp ginger paste
1 tsp salt
2 tsp coriander-cumin pwd
1/2 tsp red chilli pwd

Heat the oil, add cumin seeds, when they sizzle add the ginger paste. Saute 2 mins, add the hash browns, salt & masalas. Saute on medium heat till the potatoes are done (about 10 mins). Cool to room temperature before use.

To proceed - Divide the dough into 10 -12 equal portions, flatten each slightly, then cup it in your palm & stuff with about 2 tbsp of the potato mix. Seal the edges together & roll into a paratha. Roast both sides on a hot skillet, either with or without a few drops of oil. Then slather the parathas with hummus (I used store-bought), roll up & serve with juice and tea on the side.


Srivalli said...

That looks so yummy..great entry!

easycrafts said...

This looks absolutely divine...Nice to see your blog...keep posting

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