Sunday, September 20, 2009

Amrakhand (Mango flavored Shrikhand)

This is a surprisingly easy and delicious Indian sweet dish. Here's how I made this:
1 32oz. box of plain yogurt - I used Taaza brand, regular yogurt available in the local Indian store.
3 cups tinned mango pulp
1/2 tsp cardamon pwd
Nuts like almonds, pistas for garnish
The preparation for this starts a day before actually making & eating it. Empty the yogurt onto to a clean cheesecloth. Tie the ends loosely together, then hang it up to drip in the fridge. Keep a bowl underneath to catch the whey (which can be used later to knead rotis). After about 5 hrs, place the yogurt, which will have thickened quite a bit, along with the cheesecloth its tied in, between several paper towels. Place a heavy weight, such as an iron pan, on top. Leave this in the fridge overnight or for another 5 hrs. The idea is to remove all the whey from the yogurt and get the thickest possible yogurt.
Next morning, combine the thick yogurt with the mango pulp in a food processor. Usually the tinned mango pulp available in the Indian stores is highly sweetened. No additional sugar should be necessary, but you can taste check and decide what suits you. Mix in the cardamon pwd. Garnish with chopped nuts.
Chill and enjoy with hot, hot puris.
This Amrakhand goes to the WYF: Festive Treats events at Simple Indian Food.

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