Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A cake by my daughter

My daughter loves it when we bake together at home. Being the non-baker that I am, we had so far restricted ourselves to muffins and to her Easy Bake Oven stuff. On my recent visit to Mumbai, I picked up a packet of Pilsbury eggless cake mix that is cooked by steaming in the pressure cooker. So when she expressed her desire to bake a cake for us for our wedding anniversary/Valentine's day, I promptly got this packet out. She was so happy that I had complied with her wish without any resistence. Her eyes sparkled as we discussed the different ways she could decorate it. With a few hints and suggestions from me, she finally decided to use Cool Whip as the icing and pineapple and strawberry to decorate. Being all of 5 yrs of age, I did help her with measuring out the ingredients, mixing, pouring, cutting the cake into 2 layers etc. I was totally overjoyed & overwhelmed by the end product which she laid out before us with a flourish. We had so much fun making it together. And when she declared that this was the best cake ever, I agreed with her wholeheartedly.

This cake made with so much love & enthusiasm by her goes to the Fun Event Cook & Create with Luv for Luv at Asankhana.

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Usha said...

How adorable that your daughter baked this cake for you and she has done a wonderful job with must feel so proud about your sweet daughter :-)

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