Sunday, November 8, 2009

Colorful omelette (eggless)

This is a simple healthy way to start your day. Here's how I make it.

The batter
For the batter, mix the following together to a smooth consistency:
1 cup Gram flour (Besan)
1/2 cup Rice Flour
1 cup water
1 tsp salt or to taste
I usually add the following veggies (about a handful of each) to this batter - Chopped onions, tomatoes, green onions, beets, shredded carrots. Sometimes I throw in one green chilli (deseeded & deribbed for less heat), at other times I add a pinch of red chilli pwd. But I usually keep the omelette mild and pair it with a spicy chutney.
Spread 2 ladleful of this batter on a hot non-stick skillet in a circular motion. Drizzle a few drops of oil around it. Cook on medium heat for 3 to 5 mins. Flip over and cook the other side for 2 -3 mins. Serve hot with chutney of your choice.
Yesterday, we had this with green tomato chutney from Meera's Enjoy Indian Food. The only change I made to her recipe was to add some curry leaves to the tempering and some cilantro while grinding the chutney.
To round out our lazy Sunday breakfast, we had this wonderful pumpkin bread from tastycurryleaf.
Pumpkin bread (eggless)
The few changes I made to suit our taste/ingredients on hand were - I used all purpose flour instead of whole wheat flour, allspice mix instead of the spices, a handful of walnuts and omitted the chocolate chips. This was my first attempt at making pumpkin bread. It was only recently that I first even tasted this bread. My Jazzercise instructor got some homemade pumpkin bread to class and it was love at first bite for me. I was so glad I tried the eggless version at home. We all loved it so much, I will be making it again soon, especially since I still have about 2 cups of pumpkin puree from the pumpkin my daughter got from Remlinger Farms (Carnation, WA) on her school picnic. Oh, btw, I followed the Chef In You's technique to get pumpkin puree.
And ofcourse, our weekend breakfast is never complete without the special elaichi - ginger flavoured chai.
Sunday brunch - Colorful omelettes, green tomato chutney, pumpkin bread & elaichi-ginger chai
This meal is off to the Monthly Mingle event at Meeta's What's For Lunch Honey. She started this event in 2006 and its been going strong ever since.


Rohini said...

Wow.. Yummy spread.. My granny had this veg omelette somewhere and ever since she is looking out for the recipe.. Thanks for sharing it dear :)

MeetaK said...

this looks exceptional. thanks for bringing it along to the mingle!

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